Auctions in a day offer:

  • friendly auctions with free parking
  • a simple and cost-effective process for both buyers and sellers
  • free hot drinks for sellers in the morning, plus advice on what will and won’t sell, and estimates as to what you might hope to make
  • specialist cycle auctions twice a year

We hope you will enjoy the day and we will all have some fun.  We ran our first auction in the autumn of 2003, and many buyers and sellers from that auction are still attending. They travel to our auctions from all over Hampshire, Wiltshire, Dorset, Surrey and Sussex. This could have something to do with the tasty home-made cakes!

Our sales include but are not limited to:

  • ceramics
  • coins
  • collectibles
  • furniture
  • metalware
  • militaria
  • musical instruments
  • paintings
  • stamps
  • toys
  • treen (small handmade functional household objects made of wood)
  • vintage goods

In the past, lots have sold from £5 to several hundred pounds. See for more details on previous lots.

Just so you know:

We don’t collect or deliver lots.

We don’t sell:

  • cars
  • houses
  • modern electrical items

We don’t provide insurance valuations.