Mondays 8-9pm at Itchen Abbas Village Hall

Are you up for a new challenge?  Looking for an all-over body workout which combines a number of different exercises and approaches?  Why not give circuits classes a try.

Pure Circuits have been running in Kings Worthy for over a year and are now coming to Itchen Abbas.

Suitable for all levels of fitness.  No equipment or fancy gear needed, just a good sense of humour!

So what’s involved in a circuits class?

The class changes each week to keep things fresh and keep your muscles guessing!  A number of different exercise stations are set up which work a different area of the body.  Some stations have equipment and some just use body weight.  You work at each station for a set amount of time before moving onto the next one.

Circuits is great as you work to your own level so no pressure to ‘keep up’ with others in the class or feeling like you haven’t worked up a sweat as each station can be regressed or progressed to your own level.

Contact Juliette Green at or 07799 890860 to book your FREE trial.

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