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As you know, Itchen Abbas and Avington Village Hall is a busy, thriving community resource and we’d really like it to stay that way!  For this reason, we are currently re-thinking the way that the Village Hall is managed, to make it more of a team effort.  We don’t know exactly how things will shape up, but we’d love to hear from you if you’d be interested in doing any of the following on a part-time / ad-hoc basis:

  • showing people round the hall – for example, people who are considering it as a potential venue for a party or wedding reception
  • letting people into the hall at the start of their event, handing over the keys, showing them how everything works and what they need to do before they leave
  • getting involved in the maintenance of the hall buildings and/or grounds
  • ensuring that the hall notice boards and leaflet supplies are kept up to date and useful
  • contributing to the hall website – for example, by writing ‘news’ posts to do with events in the local community

There is the possibility of being paid for some of these activities, but of course if you’d like to do them on a voluntary basis, that would be fantastic!  We are very open to all ideas and suggestions as to how we could do things even better than they’ve been done so far.  In the first instance, please email the Chair of the Village Hall Committee.

Thank you!


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